Shanall LaRay: My Way

In 2019 we have all heard the term living in your truth. It is an expression about freedom of expression, to the extreme of no apologies. This term followed the Yolo era where you only live once. MOre and more in society we are encouraged to live boldly and not hide where we are in life. It is also seen in the news headlines. Numerous accounts of sexual misconduct are abrupting seems like weekly. Sexual Predators are stars in television series. And Prominent television stars are sent to Prison at the age of 80. It brings to light fallacies that were hidden and never to be talked about. This leads us to be reminded that these facts have been in our face the whole time. From Elvis and his 14 year old wife, to Latoya Jacksons’ tell all book nearly 15 years ago that exposed Molestation in the Jackson home. More secrets and lies are being hidden in plain sight and we as a society chose to not address these "Truths" This begs the question, does Wendy Williams have perfect timing to get sympathy from her fans and America, or will she be shut out of Hollywood all together. 

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