Lil Skis Life and Dark Rose Tour: NYC Recap

At the young age of 19, Lil Skis @LilSkies  perfeormance was nothing less than the stye and stance of a vetran. His 30 minute performance left the fans craving more and yet feeling satisfied at the same time. The signed Atlantic Records Artists quotes; "Let's start this motherfucking rodeo!" As the instramental began to 'Welcome to the Rodeo" The music boomed through the Irvine Plaza in NYC. 

Unlike other recording artists who take radio and blog interviews to promote their music, Lil Skis maintains his, No Interview Stance again on Twitter @LilSkies. With no interviews Lil Skis maintains not one single but two positions in the Billboards Top 100 singles with, "Nowsdays & Red Roses"  

With the fans to their feet, and over flowing into the hallway of  NYC Irvine Plaza, Lil Skies played back to back songs from his mixtape Janurary 2018, Lil Skies released his Mix Tape Life of a Dark Rose, "Big" and "Strictly Business"