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In 2019 we have all heard the term living in your truth. It is an expression about freedom of expression, to the extreme of no apologies. This term followed the Yolo era where you only live once. MOre and more in society we are encouraged to live boldly and not hide where we are in life. It is also seen in the news headlines. Numerous accounts of sexual misconduct are abrupting seems like weekly. Sexual Predators are stars in television series. And Prominent television stars are sent to Prison at the age of 80. It brings to light fallacies that were hidden and never to be talked about. This leads us to be reminded that these facts have been in our face the whole time. From Elvis and his 14 year old wife, to Latoya Jacksons’ tell all book nearly 15 years ago that exposed Molestation in the Jackson home. More secrets and lies are being hidden in plain sight and we as a society chose to not address these "Truths" This begs the question, does Wendy Williams have perfect timing to get sympathy from her fans and America, or will she be shut out of Hollywood all together. 

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LaRay TV Episode 2

LaRay TV Host gives you the backstage pass on a day in the life of an artist on a promotional tour and speaks candid on the tips and tricks of touring on a budget. We give you a sneak peak at the upcoming docuseries by Coon The Poet "Backstage Pass" Special appearances by Mista Fab And a live performance by recording artist Davina Bryd.

Executive Producer Shanall LaRay Eaddy

Guest Coon The Poet Poet/Motivational Speaker/Educator

Robert Bowden Author/Film Maker

Mista Fab - Recording Artist /Author/Film Producer/Fashion Designer Dope Era

Jay Justice - Praise Dancer

Davina Byrd - Recording Artist

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You've officially been Macked on..... Welcome To Mac Grape Land

Mac Grape was born and raised in the Crest Neighborhood in Oakland, Ca. Mac Grape is a native of Oakland, Ca. Born and raised in the Hyphy movement a cultural movement in the Bay Area hip-hop scene that emerged in the early 00s . Mac has an in your face but twist your brain sound. Mac Grape began is fascination with words and lyrics at an early age. He wanted to find the hardest words to make match with his story. Mac Grape has a way of painting a picture with mind twisting lyrics that draw you in and demand you play it over and over again.

Mac Grape was highly influenced by Mac Dre, who also came from the same neighborhood. His biggest message from Mac Dre was that hard work pays off no matter where you start from. Mac Dre is considered on of the key influence in the Hyphy movement. In 2004 Mac Dre was gunned down in his own neighborhood, and to this day his murder has never been solved. As Mac Grape mourned the loss of his mentor, Mac Grape dove even deeper into his gifts. He vouched to touch every neighborhood, but also uplift them as well.

Mac Grape released his second ful EP, Metal Emancipation on February 26. Mac Grape takes the full project on from vocals to Production Engineering , Mixing and Masterig. Mac Grape reflects on his previous album In the Mind Of A Genius.

“In 2014 was made when the world was different. Obama was president and we felt we had a voice. Things need to change and so my music and message has to change too. “

Mac Grape goes on to say,

“That is what Mental Emancipation is all about. It’s uplifting your mindset into hard work, the feel of success and yes the realities of living in the hood and holding onto hope. In every light place you will find dark, It is in the dark is where you will find your weaknesses or strengths. Its not about where you live its about holding on to hope that you will not stay in this place. Hope is a powerful thing. Welcome to Mac Grape Land.”

Mac Grape is a true creative offering much more to the table than his mind blowing lyrical talent. He is also an artist of the canvas. “Since 2014, I became a father and a husband. I wanted my kids and wife to enjoy a part of my art too. So I began making paintings they can be proud of. The Incredible Hulk and Scooby Doo are what I grew up with so those are my favorate to draw.”

In 2018 Mac Grape moved away from the old neighborhood and moved his family to Las Vegas. “ Its a quieter environment for my family. Plus I feel more creative here.” Mac Grape now has a full studio in his home where he can freely create.

Through partnerships of LaRay Records, Mac Grape has a new place to call home, right in Las Vegas.

Kenny Blaque has lived and served the community of Las Vegas for a long time. Knowing the need for more opportunities for the youth Kenny Blaque CEO of Blaque Technology Marketing Co Created The House of Fame. Building a future for Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. The House Of Fame offers a place for youth to have technical musical training, an art production room and art gallery, a full stage for live performances as well as practice.

LaRay Records is very excited to partner with Blaque Technology Marketing to provide an opportunity to house Mac Grape Artwork as well as provide mentorship for the youth of House Of Fame.

There is a lot to look forward to for Mac Grape.




G Easy was arrested in Sweden after allegedly attacking security guards and getting caught with cocaine.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us the rapper was partying in a club after his show Wednesday in Stockholm and was acting belligerent. We're told several security guards approached him, asking him to calm down, but G-Eazy started to throw punches ... striking one guard in the face several times.

We're told he was detained by police, who allegedly discovered cocaine in the rapper's pocket.

Our sources say he was taken into custody on suspicion of assault, possession of narcotics and use of narcotics. We're told he's still in custody.

Several videos taken inside the club show G-Eazy partying with friends -- including girlfriend Halsey and rapper Sean Kingston -- and handing out shots.

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