Branding is not just your name but your whole essence, your walk your talk your smile, clothes, and most of all it's what you stand for. Every LaRay Records Artist will have their own personalized Branding Platform.




Hitting the Market at all angles is LaRay Records'  Specialty.  It has taken numerous years to master the ever changing Entertainment Market. Marketing is not just one thing it is several spokes on one wheel working together to provide the most impactful representation as a whole.


International Distribution

Universal Music Group Distribution

LaRay Marketing takes you to the top executives in the industry. With our partners Universal Music Groups, Rick Ross Music Group and Shared Success Music Group, Getting your Music to the masses is just a Click Away.





Your Dreams Our Goals

When your dreams are all you dream of, when your dreams won’t let you sleep.... You need a team to dare to grind for that dream!! Welcome to LaRay Records, Where we put you in the drivers seat to the finish line. LaRay Records sets the bar higher than most because we dare to go where most won’t. We are an in your face, unapologetic, and relentless.  goal driven company with only your dreams in our forefront. 
— - Shanall Eaddy // CEO
Shanall LaRay Eaddy  LaRay Records  OWNER/CEO

Shanall LaRay Eaddy

LaRay Records